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Jaimen’s Story

Despite a debilitating disability that occurred at the age of just 17 years old. Jaimen Hudson has led an incredibly full and amazing life.

One that nor he or his family could ever have dreamt possible when he was laying in intensive care in 2008.

Jaimen’s mental fortitude and positive outlook on life is infectious and comes across when he speaks to audiences about his life story and overcoming extreme adversity.

Described by Australian Geographic magazine as the “ultimate optimist”.

Jaimen‘s Keynote presentation takes the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions. From the incredible youth he experienced growing up in Esperance. The life goals he had, and then all of that being torn away from him.

The extreme uncertainty and fear in hospital and how he overcame all of this to become a renowned cinematographer with over 300 million views on his videos.

Jaimen is also a father, business operator and has had his life story made into a feature length documentary that was released in cinemas in 2021 called Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea.

Jaimen not only speaks it, he lives it! He is the embodiment of never letting a day go to waste and wanting to ensure everyone realises how fragile life is, that the short amount of time we have on this earth is up to us to live to the fullest.

Speech Deliverables

Jaimen is the poster boy for what can be achieved thanks to the power of a positive mindset and hard work ethic.

No matter what your goals in life are, whether it be a promotion at work, growing sales, or simply just being happier in your day-to-day life.

Jaimen shares insights about what he has learnt along the way since his debilitating injury in 2008 that help him wake up happy each day, but also strive each and every moment to build a successful business and support his family.

I hate lazy people and excuse makers! I want to wake them up from that mindset as it undoubtedly holds them back in life!


Jaimen has conducted talks for school groups and corporate events, ranging in sizes from 5 people right up to 6000 at RAC Arena in Perth.

He always customises the presentation to fit the individual audience and make it more relatable.


To book or enquire about having Jaimen speak at your next event.

Please email management@jaimen.com.au

Jaimen's life story was a profound and enlightening exploration of resilience. Despite his physical limitations, his optimism knows no bounds. His message was a powerful testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, embodying the belief that our thoughts only limit our potential. Truly inspirational! Eamon Sullivan - Olympian and Entrepreneur

Jaimen was one of a kind speaker for our business group. We are group of business owners, all very successful in business, so it had to be a special speaker to have the impact on us. Half of us were emotional during our talk and we all connected with Jaimen at a very deep level. We walked away from the talk feeling inspired, and ready to make changes in our lives from that moment on. Jaimen was not only inspiring, but incredibly down to earth and friendly in his approach – it almost didn’t even feel we were talking to a paraplegic person. I wish Jaimen all the best in his quest in inspiring many more through his talk. I highly recommend Jaimen for your team of any size or a keynote for any event. Jawid Dadarkar – Lindentech, Perth.