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I have always been passionate about the outdoors… As a youth my days were filled with solo sporting activities like riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, surfing and scuba diving.

The ocean in particular has always been such a major part of my life. 

My earliest memories are of days out on the water with my  Mum and Dad as they taught students how to dive. At the age of 10 it was my turn to be one of those students.

Learning to dive only added to my love of the ocean. 

I always wanted to be on it, in it, or near it.

I was also very lucky to travel internationally with my family when I was young. This gave me the travel bug for life. 

I fell in love with experiencing other cultures.

In 2008 at age of just 17, I had a motorcycle accident that left me a Quadriplegic. After my accident I found it hard to find a hobby as the activities I loved like diving and surfing were no longer possible.

I also thought my days of travelling were behind me.

Late in 2014 I began getting very interested in drone photography & videography. I was wary of purchasing one because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use the remote controller due to having no hand

function. Eventually in February 2015 I purchased a Phantom 2 and coupled it with a GoPro camera, I was hooked right away. I fell in love with filming coastal areas and wildlife.

I have now had over 350 million views on the videos I have created.

My fear of no longer being able to travel was also not warranted. I have been to locations and countries I never dreamt possible when I was laying in hospital all those years ago. This ignited a passion within me to want to share and promote accessible travel to show others what is possible.  

In 2021 a documentary about my life story

 “Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea” was released in cinemas and has since gone on to win several awards at film festivals.

This tells the story of my life journey, overcoming adversity and my return to the ocean to swim with megafauna. 

I have also been lucky to be interviewed and featured by prominent media outlets and publications some of which include “The Huffington Post”, “Sydney Morning Herald”, “Sunrise on channel 7“, The “BBC“, “Weekend Sunrise” “Today Tonight“, “BBC Earth“, “The Daily Telegraph“, “The Sunday Times” , “WA Today“, Australian Geographic” and others.

I was also lucky enough to be awarded Western Australia’s “Young Achiever” for 2018 in the “Online Achievement Category” and “Peoples Choice Award”. “I was also a finalist for “Young Australian of the Year for 2019”